Faculty of Architecture & Design

Architects and Designers take on the big issues for society and culture, Looking at things in new ways Challenging assumptions, Recognizing similarities and differences, Making unlikely connections, extending frontiers, pushing boundaries – Building on ideas to make better ideas – Taking chances and Always questioning.

A. Faculty Mission

The mission of the Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) is to provide quality design education and services to the community at large with special consideration to the needs and circumstances of Tripoli, Lebanon and the region. With its leading design and art program offerings, FAD has become a vital founding member among a number of other faculties of the Al-Manar University of Tripoli.

FAD’s curricula are designed with the 21st century in mind. They recognize the need for ecological sensitivity and encourage student artists and designers to consider environmental issues in creating works of cultural aesthetic benefit. FAD understands the need to think globally, to teach its students about the many cultures and ways of thinking that will give them the necessary perspective to help shape the world in which we live.

B. Faculty Objectives

The Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) provides a faculty team of outstanding designers, artists, architects, and scholars. Students undergo an educational experience underscored by rigorous requirements and reviews. They are educated on the premise that to design is an art and to make art requires design. The notion of design at FAD is predicted on the marriage of science and the fine arts. Philosophically, FAD believes in the value of a holistic education, one that balances the emphasis on the professional major with an equally important expectation that a student be versed in the humanities, literature and the social sciences.This combination ensures that focused study is supplemented by a broad understanding of the context in which designers, artists and art educators pursue their chosen fields of work.

C. Faculty Admission Requirements

Admission is by selection of the most eligible and promising applicants. All candidates for admission to the Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) must have completed the pre-professional educational requirements of the candidate’s country or the approved freshman program in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of this University. Students who successfully complete the freshman class can seek admission to the first year of any major within FAD.

Students who hold the Lebanese Baccalaureate with all its sections can seek admission to the first year of any major within FAD. Holders of the technical baccalaureate (BT) are eligible for admission only to the same major as that of the BT. More specifically, to be eligible for admission to the first year in the Faculty of Architecture and Design, a candidate must:

Demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in English as specified under admission rules of the University.
Sit for the required tests as specified under admission rules of the University.
Satisfy the Faculty of Architecture and Design on character recommendation, evaluated through a personal interview, as well as academic grounds.
Students admitted to the first year are required to take all the major courses specified in their respective programs.