1. Departments

The Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) contains the following seven departments:

  1. Department of Architecture
  2. Department of Interior Design
  3. Department of Furniture Design
  4. Department of Industrial Design
  5. Department of Graphic Design
  6. Department of Photography
  7. Department of Studio Arts

2. Undergraduates

The Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) offers undergraduate programs of study leading to the degrees of:

I. Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

II. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), with majors in:

  1. Architecture
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Interior Design
  4. Furniture Design
  5. Industrial Design
  6. Photography
  7. Studio Arts

Different minors are also available as areas of concentration within most majors.

3. Course Coding

A unified course coding system is used in the different departments of FAD. Each department is differentiated by the first three letters of the major or majors it offers. Example: ARC for Architecture, GRA for Graphic Design and ART for Studio Arts. The course code starts with the three letters of the respective major. Those three letters are followed by three digits the first of which indicates the year (0 for elective courses), the second is the course sequence and the third is the rank of the course within that sequence.

4. Summary

The table below summarizes majors and degrees plus the required number of years and total credits for each degree. The course code used in the curricula of different majors is also listed.

Major Degree Code # of Yrs. Total Credits Course Code
Architecture Bachelor of Architecture BArch 5 170 ARC
Architecture Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture BFA 3 105 ARC
Interior Design Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design BFA 3 105 INT
Furniture Design Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture Design BFA 3 105 FUR
Industrial Design Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design BFA 3 105 IND
Graphic Design Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design BFA 3 105 GRA
Photography Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography BFA 3 105 PHO