I. Letter of the Dean

Today, every facet of human society is affected by advances in technology. This makes education and research in engineering and information technology more important than ever. As a multidisciplinary higher education and research institution AL-Manar University of Tripoli (MUT) offers a unique laboratory-based curriculum that teaches engineering and IT students the difference between what works on paper and what works “on the bench.” Our highly experienced and specialized instructors teach with focus on both hardware and software. They emphasize conceptual foundations of computer science and engineering, software development, and design and implementation of computers and computer-controlled systems. MUT students tackle challenging design projects that incorporate theoretical learning and hands-on experience in Electronics, Communications, Networking, Industrial, Naval, and Information Technology.

MUT five year engineering programs (ED) not only prepare students to join directly the engineering work force, but also to pursue graduate studies in Lebanon or abroad.

 The Faculty of Engineering and IT curriculum also focuses on non-technical skills such as working as part of a team, developing strong communication skills and the developing character for future leaders in our community.

The new addition to FEIT this year is the opening of the new majors in cooperation with the Arab Academy of Science and Technology in Alexandria, Egypt. This joint program, which also includes the exchange of instructors, offers Lebanese students the opportunity to study and prepare the degrees of 2nd mate or 3rd Engineer, degrees recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Dr. Walid Kamali

2. Faculty Mission

The mission of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology is to:

• Provide state-of-the art education & research programs.

• Educate a new breed of students with a strong fundamental knowledge of engineering and information technology principles, and an understanding and appreciation of the economic, environmental, and social forces.

• Strengthen MUT’s leadership role by enhancing partnerships with industry, government laboratories, & academic & research institutions.

3. Faculty Objectives

Our goal is to play a key role in educating future leaders in technology by providing state-of-the-art programs in engineering and information technology. Our goal also includes continued improvement of the undergraduate and the graduate curricula for education of a new breed of students. These students possess not only a strong knowledge of fundamentals, but also an understanding of societal, legal and environmental issues that determine intellectual technological choices.

4. Faculty Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

1- Baccalaureate or its equivalent

2- English language proficiency

3- Personal interview

For an Undergraduate Degree in Engineering

Students applying for an undergraduate Information Technology degree or Computer Science degree are required to take an entrance exam in Mathematics.

The passing grade in each exam is 60% and above. Students who do not pass either of the exams are required to take the remedial courses offered by the university for the failed subject and pass with a D or better, before they can be admitted to the faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

Transfer students admission requirements are explained in the Students Rules Regulations section.

Students applying for an undergraduate Engineering degree are required to take three entrance exams in the following subjects:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry