Curriculum for Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Computer Engineering

University Requirements
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
Arab 201Introduction to Arab Language3
Comp 201Computer Applications3
Eng 201Academic English3
CS 201Culture Studies3
GHN 201General Health & Nutrition3
Department Requirements
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MATH202Calculus III3
MATH203 Calculus IV3
MATH222Discrete Math3
MATH332Linear Algebra3
MATH342Ordinary Differential Equations3
MATH352Probability and Statistics3
MATH442Numerical Methods3
PHY211Material Science3
PHY 203General Physics I: Mechanics3
PHY 205General Physics II: Electromagnetics & Optics3
PHY 223General Physics III: Thermodynamics & Modern Physics3
Major Core Requirements
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
CSC 203Programming Structures & Abstractions3
CSC 243Data Structure3
CSC 311Introduction to Operating Systems3
CSC 426Software Engineering I3
IT 381 Object-Oriented Programming3
CNE 340Signals and Systems3
ELEC 223Digital Fundamentals 3
ELEC 223LDigital Fundamentals Lab1
ELEC 221Electric Circuits I3
PHY 205General Physics II: Electromagnetics & Optics3
ELEC 221LElectric Circuits I Lab1
ELEC 330Electronic Circuits I3
ELEC 330LElectronics Circuits I Laboratory1
ELEC 421Semiconductor Electronics Devices3
ELEC 440Microcomputers Design I3
ELEC 440LMicrocomputers Design I Lab3
ENG 499Senior Projects/internship3
Free Elective 6
ELEC Major Electives9

Total Credits 105