Curriculum for the Bachelor of B.A. in Flight Attendant Management

University Requirements
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
Arab 201Introduction to Arab Language3
Comp 201Computer Applications3
Eng 201Academic English3
CS 201Culture Studies3
GHN 201General Health & Nutrition3
Department Requirements
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MATH 201Math for Business3
STAT 201Statistics for Business3
PSY 201Psychology3
SOC 201Sociology3
ENG 202Advanced Academic English3
PDS 201Personal Development Skills3
CS 202Cultural Studies II3
Flight Attendant Major Courses
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
FAM 210Introduction to Flight Attendant Industry3
HTM 254 Tourism and Travel Agencies3
HTM 252 Geography for the Travel Professionals3
HTM 313Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry3
FAM 270Flight Attendant Operations3
FAM 310Airlines Regulations 3
FAM 330Safety & security for Airlines & Airports3
HTM 369Reservation and Ticketing3
HTM 237 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing3
HTM 339 Economic Impact of Tourism3
HTM 381 Special Topics on Flight Attendant3
HTM 325Domestic Travel and Tourism3
FAM 340Destination Development and Tourism3
FAM 350Seminars, Meeting, exhibitions, and events Management3
HTM 256 Travel Agency Management 3
HTM 377The Business of Airlines & Airport3
SEM 401Flight Attendant Mngmt. Senior Project6
TRB 401Training3
Elective Courses
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
HTM 417International Travels and Tourism3
HTM 410Seminars in Hospitality and Tourism Management3
HTM 381 Special Topics in Flight Attendant3
FAM 350Meetings, Exhibitions and Events Management3
HTM 369 Reservations and Ticketing3
HTM 460Supervision for Hospitality Operation3
HTM 371International Hotel Management3
FAM 270Flight Attendant Operations3
FAM 458Flight Attendant Policies 3
HTM 205Introduction to Travel & Tourism3
2 courses from the above3

Total Credits 99