In addition to the regular academic programs, Al-Manar University offers special programs that differ in their goal and method of delivery to assist those students who require additional support before they can enroll as regular students in the University.

The objectives of the Freshman Program are to provide access to higher education to students who successfully completed a 12 years of schooling, starting with Grade One and obtained a Secondary School Certificate awarded by government or private schools and recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and by the university.

Applicants Who Might Qualify For Admission To The Freshman Class Are:

Holders of the High School Diploma

Applicants coming from the British System who have completed a minimum of five subjects at the Ordinary Level (O Level) in addition to one subject at the Advanced Level (A level) or two Advanced Supplementary Level subjects (AS)
Those who have successfully completed one year of the CEGEP
Lebanese Applicants to the Freshman Class must obtain prior to registration a permission from the Equivalence Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education, stating that the student is allowed to enroll in a foreign program.

To obtain this permission the applicant must show evidence of having studied outside Lebanon for at least two years at the intermediate and secondary level or three years at the elementary level. The applicant should also take SAT I and SAT II prior to enrollment in the freshman class.

The Equivalence Committee specifies a minimum score of 2000 for the five subjects of SAT I and SAT II combined, and, not less than 300 in individual test scores.

The Subjects Of SAT II Required For Applicants To Freshman Sciences Are:

Mathematics 2C
Two sciences form Biology, Chemistry or Physics

The Subject Of SAT II Required For Applicants To Freshman Arts Are:

Mathematics 1 or 1C
English (Writing or Literature)
One science from Biology, Chemistry or Physics