Department of Environmental & Occupational Health

The goal of this program is to prevent disease and injury related to environmental and occupational stressors, and to promote health among individuals and groups, through education, research and professional services. This is normally a three year program (including summer) leading to a BS in environmental and occupational health.

Since environmental and occupational health problems are of increasing concern to Lebanese, the department of EOH strives to provide graduates who are oriented with a strong practical focus related to the challenges, context and environment of Lebanon and the region. Our graduates are prepared to successfully develop, administer and evaluate environmental and occupational health programs. During their residency, students learn to:

  • Recognize environmental and occupational hazards
  • Assess the social, economic and health impacts of those hazards
  • Interpret existing and new regulations which affect the field at local and global levels
  • Explain enforcement procedures and processes in law

Academic program: Environmental & occupational health

Degree: BS

Total credits: 96

Duration: 3 years