Bachelor of Science in Nursing

University Requirements
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
Arab 201Introduction to Arab Language3
Comp 201Computer Applications3
Eng 201Academic English3
CS 201Culture Studies3
GHN 201General Health & Nutrition3
Department Requirements
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
PDS 201Personal development skills3
CHM 201General chemistry3
CHM 205Bio/Organic chemistry4
BMD 200General biology4
BMD 205Human physiology 13
BMD 206Human physiology 23
PSY 201Psychology3
MTH 205Introductory biostatistics2
MTH 206Introductory epidemiology2
Major Requirements
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
NUR 100Orientation to nursing1
NUR 200Introduction to professional nursing 13
NUR 201Introduction to professional nursing 23
NUR 204Drugs and Disease3
NUR 206Development over the lifespan3
NUR 208Maternity/pediatric nursing3
NUR 209Maternity/pediatric nursing, clinical3
NUR 212Legal and ethical issues in nursing3
NUR 220Illness management 1 3
NUR 221Nursing illness 13
NUR 224Illness management 23
NUR 225Nursing illness 23
NUR 230Pathophysiology3
NUR 235Illness management 33
NUR 236Nursing illness 33
NUR 299Clinical internship 13
NUR 305Mental health nursing1
NUR 315Quality management in nursing and health care3
NUR 320Nursing elderly families1
NUR 325Community nursing4
NUR 330Infection prevention and control2
NUR 350Nursing research3
NUR 399Clinical internship 24
NUR 499Clinical internship 35

Electives Requirements
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
Selected in consultation with academic adviser9

Total Credits 120