Department of Nutrition

Nutrition is an essential discipline of the public health sector. It is concerned with the science and art of food and their nutrient in relation to human health and diseases. It includes the interpretation and communication of nutritional sciences to enable persons to make informed and practical choices about food and lifestyle throughout their life.

The nutrition program of MUT combines theoretical and practical coursework, preparing graduates for leadership roles in their field. Dietitian is a public health professional who applies the science of human nutrition combined with the knowledge of good communication and management skills in both health and disease. A dietitian provides care to people of all ages through assessment, evaluation and treatment of nutrition-related health problems and disorders, consultation to business, health care settings and manages the food service system through efficient use of the resources to provide optimal nutrition care to individuals and groups. 

Academic program: Nutrition*

Degree:  BS

Number of credits: 96

Duration: 3 years