Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is committed to providing quality of education and research facilities. The faculty strives to become the leading faculty in the field of science among other universities by focusing on the importance of research in the advancement of science and bridge the gap between local industries and the academic sector which will aid in the development of the country economy. This mission will be accomplished by identifying and attracting high-quality students and faculty and by fostering research programs which are competitive with the nation’s finest universities.


The faculty of science offers programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science (BS) in biology, chemistry, Mathematics and physics. Each academic unit has increased opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in fieldwork in order to enhance their professionalism.


The Faculty of Science is willing to produce mature graduates where capabilities in science and technology shall assist them in playing a constructive role in national development. To achieve this objective, the faculty shall be engaged in the various programs such as teaching, research, academic exchange, consultancy and any other means that together shall provide practically oriented education. Thus, the programs of the faculty shall be aimed at the following:

  • provide knowledge and skills in the various courses that shall be taught
  • promote research and consultancy activities
  • focus on staff training and development
  • develop the critical, analytical and creative scientific skills through academic programs
  • graduate qualified potential scientists who will contribute to the bettering of science knowledge and social life

Admission Requirements

  • Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent
  • English language proficiency
  • Pass an entrance exam in the field of specialization
  • Personal interview

Graduation Requirements

  • complete successfully all credit hours required to each program
  • Obtaining a minimum of an overall GPA of 2.0