Faculty of Tourism & IATA

Tourism is a growing and important industry in Lebanon and particularly for and the whole north. The impact of such industry on the economy is tremendous. AL-Manar University of Tripoli is proud and delighted to be offering unique programs in the country that support the tourism industry and related sectors. Our programs are designed with academic and industry experts to ensure every component is grounded in theory and by practice, in order to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving world within an intimate learning environment and a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The faculty of tourism works to engage students in applied experiences that connect their classroom learning to the real world. Our graduates are the final measure of our program’s effectiveness and they should be a positive asset to the development of the tourist industry in Lebanon and around the region.

As one of the world’s leading economic sectors, the tourism industry offers a wide range of career opportunities within the industry and related sectors. Secondly, Lebanon is fortunate to be an attractive place for tourism and recreation activities from around the world.


Faculty of excellence that pursues exciting adventure and knowledge to develop innovative, socially responsible professionals relevant to a global, interconnected tourism market.


We realize our vision by attracting and developing faculty and students with high potential who will pursue innovative managerial and leadership practices suited to a dynamic business environment through:

  • quality teaching and research
  • development of appropriate skills
  • providing a trusting and empowering environment for students and staff
  • creating globally significant thought leadership
  • Striving for integrity, respect and human dignity
  • Engaging with the global environment

Faculty Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

  1. Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent
  2. English Language Proficiency
  3. Personal interview

Degree Requirements

  1. To complete successfully a total of 96 credit hours.
  2. Obtaining a minimum of an overall GPA of 2.0

Mission of the proposed undergraduate programs

  • Travel & Tourism Industry prepares candidates to understand the interrelationships between tourism and overall economy. The emphasis throughout this program is on relationship marketing, sales and services and more specifically on transportation, geography, quality service, attractions and food and beverage operations.
  • Ecotourism is a responsible and growing sector of tourism which values natural resources and the interests of local communities. Knowing ecotourism and its functioning can contribute to making tourism more ecologically and socially sustainable.
  • Health and recreational tourism is a rapidly-growing practice of traveling across boarders to obtain health care and fitness. This important specialty encompasses elective procedures as well as complex specialized surgeries such as joint replacement, cardiac surgery, dental surgery, cosmetic surgeries and reproductive tourism.