Grading System

Students are assessed and evaluated during a semester by the faculty members. Students will earn grades for the courses they registered for, reflecting their academic achievement during that semester. The grading system followed is:

Grade Letter Points Merit
95 – 100 A+ 4.5 Excellent
90 – 94 A 4 Excellent
85 – 89 B+ 3.5 Very Good
80 – 84 B 3 Very Good
75 – 79 C+ 2.5 Good
70 – 74 C 2 Good
65 – 69 D+ 1.5 Pass
60 – 64 D 1 Pass
Less than 60 F 0 Fail

Other letter codes used are:

Incomplete “I”: The student completed all the course requirements during the semester, but failed to sit for the final exam.

Withdrawal “W”: The student attempted the course, but he/she was unable to complete it.

Withdrawal with a Fail grade “WF”: The student withdraws from the course beyond the permitted time for withdrawal.


Students who are unable to sit for the final exam in a course may be permitted to take the exam beyond the examination period. A faculty member who submits an incomplete grade must supplement this submission with a form to the Student Records Office providing the following information:

  1. The reason for the Incomplete Grade
  2. The lacking material
  3. The necessary action for removal of the Incomplete Grade

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The student average is calculated based on each student’s number of registered hours in one semester and the earned points for the registered courses.

Accumulative Grade Point Average (AGPA)

The AGPA is calculated by using the same method used for calculating the GPA. The computation is based on all courses grades and points earned by the student over all the attended semesters at the university.

Dean’s Honor List

The student should satisfy the following requirements to be placed on the Dean’s Honor List at the end of any given semester:

  1. The candidate should have passed all the courses of the semester and attained an average of 85% or higher.
  2. The candidate is carrying at least 15 credit hours and is not repeating the semester nor is on probation.
  3. The candidate did not receive a written warning in relation to any disciplinary action within the university.
  4. The candidate is considered worthy by the MUT Administration.