Payment of Fees

• All students must finalize registration, including payment of tuition and other charges, according to the timeline stated in the Academic Calendar. After the announced deadline, late registration will be permitted for a period of one week.

• Students who demonstrate financial need may formally apply for deferred payment arrangements for tuition fees. Deferred payments are not a right and will only be agreed to under specific and special circumstances. Deferred payment arrangements are not permitted for the summer session in any faculty.

• Every student who is granted deferred payment arrangements must sign a statement agreeing that failure to complete payment by the set deadline will result in receiving no credit for the semester in which the student has defaulted on payment.

• Students are expected to meet all financial obligations by the appropriate due date. Should a student fail to promptly meet his/her financial obligations, the University reserves the right to place an encumbrance on the student’s record which will prevent registration for future semesters, the release of transcripts and diplomas, as well as access to other university services.

• In case a student decides to withdraw from a fall or spring semester, 50% of the paid tuition will be refunded within the first two weeks of the beginning of classes. No refund applies for summer semester tuition in case a student decides to withdraw from a particular course or from the whole summer semester.

• N.B.: Registration fees are non refundable

Withdrawal from Courses

Students can withdraw from any required course per semester. Students who wish to withdraw from any required course in any given semester must seek the prior approval of the course instructor. Consequently, these students will receive a grade of “W” for that particular course.

Repeating Courses

Students who fail a required course must repeat the course at the earliest opportunity. Students who fail a major course for which the passing grade is C must repeat the course at the earliest opportunity. Students may repeat any course for which they received a passing grade (D) provided that his/her AGPA is less than 2.0, which does not permit him/her to graduate.