Guidelines for Online Registration for the Academic year 2014-2015

Dear MUT Student,

Welcome back. In order to make your registration process as smooth as possible you are asked to abide by the following procedure.

Step 1: (Payments):

  1. Pass by the accounts office (A-G1 → A-G2) during registration period (September 22nd, 2014 – September 25th, 2014) and pay a sum of //LL 750,000// as a first payment on your tuition.

Step 2: (Remove Registration holds)

  1. Go to Registrar’s Office A-G9, to remove registration hold.
    1. Go to IEP Director Office A-101 if you were registered in any Remedial English course during the previous semester, if not skip to next stage.

Step 3: (Registration)

  1. Go to the student computer lab located in Sheikh Zayed central library and register your course on SIS.
  2. Print out your course schedule from SIS
    1. Click Schedule button
    2. Click on “Print” and not “Print Schedule”

Step 4: (Confirmation)

  1. Hand in your printed schedule to registrar assistant (Ms. Dima) with your current telephone number written on it.


  1. If you do not register on SIS and hand in your printed schedule to registrar assistant you will not be considered as registered and late registration fees will apply.
  2. If your registration is not approved by your director, you might be requested to come to the university to modify your registration.
  3. If you forgot your password, it will be reset for free for first time only. Should you forget it again you will have to pay a fee of //LL10,000//.
  4. Should you require any help in choosing your courses do not hesitate to refer to your advisor.