Sports Club

MUT priorities are not restricted to the development of students’ intellectual and academic progress only. It is profoundly concerned with developing the students’ talent and physical fitness to insure that both body and mind function in perfect harmony. For these reasons, MUT offers sports activities to its students beside the academic activities.

The university established sports clubs to cater students’ interests and tastes. The mini football team has established itself as one of the leading teams nation wide. It also annually hosts most universities’ teams from all over the country in tournaments held in one of Tripoli’s well equipped mini- football fields.

Our basket ball team is now confident enough to compete against other university teams and as it is working its way to the top.

The female students have a chance to stay fit through the aerobics classes that are held twice a week on campus. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to work out in two different reputable and well equipped fitness clubs in Tripoli, partially subsided by the sports department at MUT.

Within the academic year 2006- 2007, a basketball/ volley ball / tennis/ multi purpose sports’ court has been established on the university campus and is ready to be used for tournaments.

The following academic year shall see the birth of more sport activities, such as the establishment of swimming, tennis, volleyball and table tennis teams. Participation in local and national tournaments will help students gain self-confidence, and assist them in developing a team spirit.