MUT Architecture Students Visit Italy

Following the academic mission of MUT which underlines the cultural buildup of its students, a trip to Italy was accomplished in September 2016 by students of the Regional Architecture course at the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

Students explored in a full week the cities of Rome, Florence, Pisa and Venice. The course instructor supervised students’ documentation of selected buildings and urban spaces through daily sketching, photography and reports with the aim of:

  1. Assimilating the architectural principles of important epochs in western history
  2. Exposure to the cross-cultural influences between East and West and their manifestation in architecture
  3. Building up a repertoire of visual and architectural experiences to be put in the service of design studios

Hard work complemented with a lot of fun was the essence of the trip experience which proved to be very beneficial culturally, academically and on the level of interaction between students of different academic levels.

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