About The Public Relations Office

The Public Relations Department at MUT is responsible for releasing news about the university to the press and the general publics at large. The news usually covers academic activities concerning the establishment of new faculties as well as lectures, seminars, symposiums, workshops and social and sports events that the students at MUT participate in throughout the academic year.

One of the major priorities at MUT is to maintain good will relationships with schools and universities in the north and elsewhere in Lebanon and abroad.

The Public Relations Department works closely with the MUT friends committee especially in fund raising for students’ scholarships as well as assisting the committee and its sub-committees to arrange various activities that they may suggest. Needless to mention that the public relations office welcomes all the proposals to co-work on projects suggested by the municipality and the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, and Agriculture in Tripoli.

The Public Relations Department is interested in staying closely intouch with the civil community in Tripoli and north Lebanon. It encourages its students to participate in events which are undertaken by the global organizations such as UNESCO and other UN organizations, the Red Cross, Save the Children Fund and other local organizations such as the handicapped and environmental societies. This can give the student’s at MUT the chance to be drilled in assisting the less fortunate and disadvantage people in their community which is part of their education in becoming more responsible citizens.

Furthermore, when the auditorium building which is in the process of being built is ready it shall host conferences as well as musical and theatrical events which will be of interest to the community at large.For further details please contact the director of the public relations office