The computer Center was established in April 2003 to provide computing services for the university staff, instructors and students.

The computer center is responsible for MUT main campus infrastructure. Today the computer center has equiped the four main buildings of MUT with a top noche fiber optic backbone; connecting the campus into one big network; that can provide a large number of services such as internet connectivity, domain accounts, and email services.

Each department is equiped with different tools designed to their particular needs. Instructors are equiped with new technical tools that fulfill instructor’s teaching needs. such as using moodle for assessement and testing. Providing them with LCD projectors along with laptops.

Students can benefit from computer laboratories with licensed products and equiped with state of art computer hardware and software tools. there are four different computer laboratories:

  1. Student Laboratory: accessible to all MUT students.
  2. English and Business Lab: equiped with a special software for non-native english students.
  3. Engineering Lab: teaching lab for the faculty of engineering & IT
  4. Cisco Academy Lab: dedicated to Cisco Academy can hold up to 24 Students with all the hardware requirements such as routers, switches, and wireless routers.
  5. Macintosh Lab: dedicated to graphic design students