University Administration

Office of the President

  • Sami Menkara, President
  • Miss Rayan Moussa, Excutive Secretary

Faculty of Business Administration

  • Adel Mourad, Director & Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs
  • Arwa Haddad Helou, Instructor & External Academic Affairs Officer

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

  • Walid Kamali, Director
  • Omar Mawlawi, Instructor

Faculty of Architecture and Design

  • Mohamad Nasri, Director
  • Wadih Ayoub, Instructor

Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences

  • Saadallah Halimi, Director

Faculty of Public Health

  • Riad Madani, Director

Secretary of Directors

  • Diala Al-Ali

Secretary of Instructors

  • Jihad Akkawi
  • Samer El Riz

Faculty of Tourism, IATA and Sabre Programs

  • Iman Baba, Director
  • Cherine Awad, Assistant

Intensive English Language Program

  • Saadallah Halimi, Director

Office of Public Relations

  • Lamia Miskaoui, Public Relations Officer

Office of Admissions and Registration

  • Basima Hobballah Nahas, Registrar
  • Miss Dima Habib, Assistant
  • Kawthar Yamak, Assistant

Office of Student Affairs

  • Ranim Al-Sayed, Officer

Human Resources Department

  • Huda Dabbousi Hadid, Officer
  • Hani Rajab, Officer

Accounting Department

  • Maya Kassir Kalaoun, Accountant
  • Zeina Hamzeh, Assistant
  • Abdullah Sawalhi, Assistant

Purchasing and Services Department

  • Mohamad Banaklesh, Officer

IT and Network Center

  • Dr. Mazen Hazim, Network Administrator
  • Wael Lababidi, Developer & Lab Assistant
  • Othman Masri, Support Desk

Science Laboratories

  • Rashed El-Hussien, Laboratory Technician


  • Najat Menkara, Librarian Assistant
  • Nidal Ajjan Rafei, Librarian Assistant

Book Store:

  • Fadi Alameddine


  • Zeina Naboulsi