As the University embarks on its fifth academic year 2007-2008, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those students who have successfully completed the initial stages of their university education. I wish them continued success in the attainment of their degrees and the realization of a prosperous future.

Since its inception, the University has faced several difficulties and challenges, and was able to overcome them and to accomplish the goals adopted by its Board of Trustees, most importantly the offering of quality academic education. It is also important to note that the University Administration has conducted field studies and engaged in continuous visits to public and private schools in Tripoli and the North in an effort to meet its students’ educational aspirations and the needs of the society in which its students live. Accordingly, the Administration has added several Faculties that provide basic specializations in various disciplines, after procuring a Decree permitting the establishment of these Faculties.

In the same framework, and in furtherance of the necessities of the new Faculties and the needs of our students, the Board of Governors of Al-Manar Association has allocated the financial resources requisite to the completion of the Administration Building, the Cafeteria and the sports grounds. In addition, his Highness Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal has donated the sum of one million U.S. dollars targeted for the erection of the Auditorium Building. It is thus evident that the University campus has experienced a vigorous expansion in its infrastructure over the past year and a definitive step towards its completion.

Finally, I cannot but acknowledge that the success of our burgeoning University rests mainly on the effectual collaboration among all members of the MUT family: a capable administration, competent faculty, and talented students to realize their dreams for a bright future.

H.E. Omar Karami
Chairman, Board of Trustees