On the occasion of opening the sixth year in the life of our young University, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our students, new and old, wishing them a year full of vigor and achievement in the realization of their academic goals and aspirations in their chosen fields of study. It is also important to note that the University, in its tireless efforts to meet and exceed its student and societal needs and expectations, was able to secure a Decree permitting the establishment of several Faculties that will provide basic and new fields of specializations designed to meet the challenges of modern society. As such, MUT now has 7 Faculties offering 39 fields of specializations in various fields of studies, supported by both state-of-the-art scientific laboratories and other equipment and amenities tailored to offer its students the best academic facilities, and by an excellent teaching staff advanced in education and experience.

It is also my most sincere belief that, at MUT, our mission to offer the highest level of education is not limited to classroom instruction. A proper education that seeks to graduate well-rounded individuals must educate the mind as well as the soul. MUT seeks to give its students an education and a culture that fosters and encourages the spirit of self-expression, of free expression, of openness, of tolerance and of inclusion. MUT thus promotes extra-curricular student activities by establishing on-campus social and artistic clubs, sports clubs and other societies to develop and nurture all of our students’ desires. By this, the University will provide society and our country with graduates who are truly ambassadors of knowledge and culture.

Welcome to the University, wishing you success in the realization of your dreams for a bright and prosperous future.

Ahmad Sami Menkara