The Objective of the Library is to support the Teaching and Research activities of the University as well as the Community at large. 

It endeavors to build an outstanding collection of Information Sources – print and electonic – to meet the needs of the univerisity’s instructional and research programs. The Library is dedicated to acquire, organize and disseminate recorded knowledge and information and provide high quality services to Instructors, Students, and to the Community in order to fulfill the information needs by utilizing best available resources and latest information technologies.

In order to achieve these goals, the university library is planning to :

  1. Build, with the collaboration of Professors and Instructors, a core collection of the more important and heavily used academic and intellectual books, journals, and other resources relevant to the curriculum and community.
  2. Provide open access to available information sources.
  3. Create an Institution-wide research environment for Students, Instructors, and the Community.
  4. Actively support and participate in achieving the educational and research objective of the Al-Manar University of Tripoli.
  5. Contribute to the educational process by utilizing both traditional resources as well as new technologies that promote intellectual exploration and learning.
  6. Educate the users to enhance their research and information literacy skills.
  7. Collaborate with other libraries by exchanging documents/information.
  8. Maintain liaison with various libraries of national and international organizations